Too sluggish movement in Loiter

Hello, gentleman!

Recently I’ve changed my FC from Dji to Pixhawk.
Have been studying hard and thanks to many useful guidances from here and there,
finally I come near to the complete setup.
Today I did my first flight.
Everything was OK except one point.

Only in Loiter Mode, my hexa moves very sluggishly.
In case of Stabilze, AltHold, it shows a very crisp movement.
What should I do?

Really appreciate your precious advice.
Thank you.

Try using Position Hold instead of Loiter. This mode closely matches to DJI mode.


Thank you so much, Mike.
I’ll try it out.
Best regards.


I’m surprised it’s not listed as a recommended flight mode, since it the best of both worlds of alt hold while moving and loiter when stationary.

Thanks a million for your comment