Too slow responce on GUIDED commands

I’m using GUIDED mode to land my drone on the charging station. Unfortunately, the drone seems to ignore some setpoint changes. Look at the log:

It doesn’t even try to descend when i want it to. Bigger position changes work well.

What can be the reason of such lazy behavior?


I’m also using GUIDED mode to land my drone on a visual target. I also observe the same behaviour and the drone doesn’t seem to accept the setpoints I send to it but rather act very slowly. I think this might be related to the internals of the ArduPilot. Have you been able to solve this problem?

Which telemetry and GCS are you using?
Which version software and ChiBios or not?

Using Mission planner 1.3.62, Arducopter 3.6.5 on ChiBios, RFDESIGN RFD900x telemetry normal responses in guided mode.