Too much wooble when descending, APM 2.5, quadcopter

Hello, I’m from Croatia, sorry for bad english.

I have problem when desceding with quadcopter, quad wooble to much.
NTM 1200kv
ESC 20A Simon K
2200mAh battery
APM 2.5 with NEO6m GPS
x666 frame from hobbyking
BEC for powering

Can somebody look at my log and give me some advice.

Hello from Australia,

When descending too quickly the multi-rotor is encountering prop wash that is causing it to wobble. The prop wash is very turbulent and can cause the multi-rotor to destabilise. One solution to this is to slow your descent velocity, another is to physically change the angle of the propeller to send the downdraft away from the aircraft. Say 5 degree tilt off the horizontal.


Yup its an unfortunate feature of multicopters :wink:.

sent from my phone so apologies for any typos

Tnx guys for answers…
Log is ok or?

can see it wobbling looking at desired and actual pitch/roll, but doesn’t look look alarming.

if you are filming try not to descend fast or try and descend across ways as mentioned, but it can still wobble.

Ok, tnx. I will try descend slower and change directions.