Too many vibrations


Upair V3, - arducopter firmware 3.2.1
I need your help :heart_eyes:

When i take off my quad seems to move erratic
climb 10m, fall 2m, go left 1m, right 2m etc …

Here is the log i get from sensor, can anyone tell me where is the pb ?

the end of the log is when i tried to land :slight_smile:

Vibrations seems to be in the acceptable range ,but can be improved. CoG also seems to be good. Is the baro covered ?
Check throttle mid point. And I think it needs pid tuning. What about your flying experience ?

Thanks for your help
My first flying experience was quite good but last 3 flights my quad become erratic. I don’t have any video to show you but it’s really disturbing. it can’t keep stabilised. It lower 2m than try to climb 5m, go left, right …
i have already done compass and accelero calibration. Don’t know what to do :disappointed_relieved:
I’ve change 2 props kits and same, no amelioration at all.
But one thing I’ve observed that is one motor turning really hard than others. This can be my issue ??

My quad is an Upair one V3.
I can not access barometer but t’s inside the quad than no light or wind.

just another point, i have nno more my quad icon on mission planner. Is ther a link between GPS issue and this icon ?
Than can explain all this ?

You will need to post your flight log for anyone to dig deeper into your problems.

here is the last flight log and really scary …
2017-02-19 15-00-51.log (1.3 MB)

just 2 minutes but two minutes that was eternity :wink:

You have some vibrations, although not excessive by any means, they are erratic.
Is everything tight on the quad?
Have you balanced the props?
Are the motors all aligned vertically?
Is the quad balanced?
Have you done an ESC calibration?

It is evident you were fighting the craft, especially pitch wise.
Have you done an autotune?

Everything is tight. Props are well balanced. Waiting for dji original one to test them. Motors are aligned correctly. ESC calibration done. RC calibration too.

Will try autotune as soon as weather will permit. Still raining for 1 week. I will let you know.

Thanks for your help

Hi I’m looking for the upair v2 or 3 firmware as mine is corrupted