Too many tlog and rlog in MP log file

My Revo FC is running Arduplane V4.2.2.

When accessing the log files in Mission Planner, I got lots and lots of tlog and rlog files.
I think I did not power up the plane so many times (as many as the number of tlog and rlog entries).
Also witout connecting telemetry modules to the FC, will I still get tlog files ? See attached.

Any hint will be appreciated.

So delete them. What’s the problem?

It is very annoying and these large number of files were generated within a short time. Somewhere there may be setting

which i can change to stop generating these files. They are generated even my telem modules are NOT connected to the FC.

anytime it is hooked and rehooked to the pc via usb you will be generating those files each time it is hooked back up. keep up with file management and it should not be an issue.