Toilet Bowls then EKF_CHECK-2 AND FAILSAFE, compass issue?

3.2.1 Pixhawk Quad Toilet Bowls then EKF_CHECK-2 AND FAILSAFE_EKF-1 Compass issue?

Hello all, I have been combing through the forums for days, but unfortunately have not been able to solve my problem, so hopefully I can get some insight on something I might have overlooked.

I am running pixhawk with 3.2.1 on a 6S, Tarot 650 Sport quad, 40A ESC’s, TigerMotor U-5’s with 16”props (yes, a bit of overkill, but amazing flight times). After maneuvering in a GPS dependent mode for a couple of minutes I continue to get a clockwise toilet bowl effect, when left alone will continue to spiral out of control until I take over in Stabilized. I have made several adjustments but unfortunately I continue to get the same results. It should be noted that this same pixhawk unit was on my Tarot Hex that crashed on an auto mission due to the same failure, same failsafe/EKF messages.

-Compass cal before every flight
-CompassMot complete and activated (using Attopilot 90A volt/amp meter to measure current)
-Pixhawk inclosed, dampened and vibration looks to be within thresholds (-2 to 2, and -5 to -15)
-External GPS/Magnometer aligned with pixhawk and elevated 15cm above all electronics
-Swapped out several External GPS/Magnometers
-Flying in a field void of magnetic interference
-Declination set correctly

-ErrYaw starts to accumulate after several yaw events
-Comp2 Z offset a bit high (-515) but even after deactivating this compass, I’m getting same results
-It’s usually quite windy here in Hawaii, it was probably 15-20 knots the day these logs were taken
-It’s always a bit warm here, is there an issue with IMU2 temperature corrections?
-External GPS/Mag is elevated 15 cm but above four 40A ESC’s and a PDB which is directly below the -Pixhawk. (However, the previous crash did not have this setup, the ESC’s were outboard)

Log file: … 1.log?dl=0

Anything will help at this point, I really don’t want to go back to DJI!!!

Thanks in advance!

Ok, so I’ve decided to downgrade to 3.1 and will test again and try and induce the EKF_CHECK-2. If that doesn’t work, I will try another pixhawk unit.

I’ve run out of ideas… Any suggestions out there will be much appreciated!!

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I’d ask if your motors are all level; but since the same problem existed with this Pixhawk on a different frame, it’s probably buried in the FC.

It may pay off to reset everything (Firmware in the FC and MP) to default and start from a blank slate. Pixhawk has so many variables, I always fear that I’m missing one checkbox.