Toilet bowl faded out during one flight - why?

perhaps somebody can explain me why just during one flight without changing any parameter toilet bowl vanished. At begin uccured toilet bowl when switched to poshold mode then I had to stabilise it manualy in stab mode and that process (switch to poshold but after circling quickly to stab mode) I repeated few times and toilet bowl step by step faded out and last switch to poshold fixed quad in one place rock solid without any evidence of toilet bowl.
I’m going to be desperate because I can’t get rid of this problem with compass - mean toilet bowl when in some auto mode (RTL, poshold, loiter …). So before todays flight I tried again compass-mot calibration and hoped there will be no problem with it. Anyway after first switch to poshold quad started to circling in helix so I switched back to stab mode. Tried that more times, still with TB effect but still weaker. Then after one switch to poshold quad was like glued to one point in space and stayed to for more than 3 minutes, then I landed.
If anyone can explain me from the log file what is going on when this problem vanished during one flight and how to fix the problem with compass I would be very thankful.
Here is the log file

How far from the wires is the compass mounted?

Which wires do you mean? I have lot of wires there since installed 2 cameras, video switch, 1G2 video Tx, OSD, extra backup battery for GPS, telemetry line for 433Mhz Tx and of course power lines. :smiley:
And now seriously - from power lines closest place to compass is cca 12cm but there the power lines are hidden in carbon tube boom. From PDB it is cca 15-17cm. From battery it is far more, maybe 25cm. But there is also RBPi3 with pxfmini. This source of electromag radiation is cca 12cm from external compass

Is there a way how to prove from logfile that toilet bowl is based just on compass error?