TOF 10120 driver

Anyone working on an I2C driver for the TOF10120 ?.

If it’s the sensor I’m thinking of then the update rate was garbage -
making it useless for most purposes. Check the datasheet to see if I’m
wrong, perhaps?


Hi Peter ,
Thanks for the reply , i don’t know why you mention that the update rate is garbage. I have some of them and tried them in with Arduino IDE. They as good as Benewakes TF Lunas (own them also ) . So maybe i don’t understand you correctly ?.
-I use the Lunas on the Pix on I2C - tested the lunas and Tof’s on I2C Arduino.

The luna’s use a lot of power and effect the compass/GPS ( solved the disturbance already ) but I would like to replace the Left/Right/bottom Lunas by The Tof,s and leave the Front Luna in.