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(StefanG) #1

As I can get sick or otherwise be unable to do some work here for a while, I decided to open a ToDo-list here in the admin-forum.

Please do not do any changes in the forums without coordinating with Craig and/or me, even if they are on the ToDo-list!

Last change: 03JAN14

[li]Upgrade phpBB to 3.0.12 - [color=#00BF00]Done 22DEC13[/color][/li]
[li]Modify default Prosilver template colors to fit general appereance and
switch from Serenity to Prosilver - [color=#bf8000]in progress[/color][/li][/ul]

Mods to install
[li]AutoMOD - Mod installer - [color=#00BF00]Done 22DEC13[/color][/li]
[li]PrimeNotify - Send full text of posts in notification emails - [color=#BF0000]22DEC13: incompatible with current phpBB[/color], Craig contacts author[/li]
[li]eMosBat TinyMCE integration - Editor - [color=#BF0000]22DEC13: incompatible with current template[/color][/li]
[li]Topic Solved - Mark topic as solved - [color=#00BF00]Done 22DEC13[/color][/li][/ul]

(Gary Mortimer) #2

We will not let you get sick Stefan!

(StefanG) #3

First post updated with results from last maintenance run.