Tmotor Datalink support and autotune

I’m pretty excited 4.5 beta supports Tmotor’s Datalink2. I can finally get telemetry from my Alpha esc’s! But it seems it’s recommended to autotune without the payload. Here’s my issue, but some specs first:
-1300mm X8 coax configuration
-Tmotor U8II motors with 28/9.2 props and Alpha 60aHV esc’s
-12s 30ah battery
-all up weight without payload 14.94kg
-all up weight with payload 17.97

I’d also like to use the copter without the payload for things like power line pulls. So You’re basically starting at 14.94kg. If it’s tuned at almost 18kg, the rates will be too high without the payload. So tuning without the payload seems like a good idea. But the motors are generating (according to Tmotor) 3.23kg of thrust at 50%. At the 15kg range, I’d still only be around 38% for hover and that’s throwing in a 25% loss on the lower motors. Normally overpowering isn’t that big of a deal, but larger props may make it difficult to find a spin min that’s still turning lol. Any thoughts before I spark this up?

Yes, make sure you prepare it well, and test the telemetry on the ground, and test as much as possible before doing the first flight. Have you seen the methodic tuning Blog post already?

Is this tuning post something other than the normal documentation? Definitely give it a read if I can find it. It flies fine, but it is a bit noisy. I was going to use RPM notch filtering, but that will also require a new tune.

The Blog post has not been integrated in the official documentation yet

Thanks, I’ll give it a read tonight!