TLogs not working in AP2


I have loaded APM 2.0.7 release. I use it with last version of arduplane software.
It seems that the tlog can’t be displaid in graphs view
The log is loaded but the list contains some sorts of strange characters here is a copy of one of the lines W>×#gCÈ0º<
Is it a known bug ?
I have also a problem, it is not possible to load latest version of arduplane firmware V2.78b. I have to do it with an older version of APM planner the new one.
The file seems to load but at the end there is an error on the connection to the port : unable to connect to COM port COM4 !


TLOG browsing is coming in the release after 2.0.8

Bill, if I have a tLog generated from apm planner 2.0.8 , and I want to review it, what are my options?

Will I eventually be able to review a log generated in 2.0.8 in 2.0.X

Is there a way to make it work in something like qgroundcontrol?

Thanks for your work on apm planner 2.0

I’m using 2.0.9 and can’t figure out how to view tlogs. Am I missing something?

Ok, I see in that you’re almost there.