Tlog 'Create Matlab file' not working

Hi everyone
I have some tlogs I want to analyse.
I know where to get them and Mission Planner plots and replays them without a worry.
Since I want to do further processing and analysis I need to export them to Matlab.
My problem: The ‘Create Matlab file’ button gives a Null Reference Exception error.

I tried this on different computers, with different MP versions, same problem on all of them…

Is there a workaround or does anyone have a Matlab/Python script that can parse the info?
I found some older scripts on line but unfortunately they do not work and my programming knowledge is insufficient to debug them correctly.

Thanks for any help!

im just uploading a new beta version of MP. that will resolve this issue for you. the cause is bad crc’s in the log file

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You Sir are my hero!
Thank you very much, everything works perfectly now.

Just for the newbies (like me) I am also including the link to the documentation explaining how to build it:

Once the build is finished, the MissionPlanner.exe file can be found in the downloaded folder in the ‘bin’ subfolder

can just goto help > and click update beta as well :slight_smile: