Titan Elite - Zubax distributor, worst customer service ever? Please post your experience

Hey All,

I borrowed a Zubax GNSS from a friend for testing on our quadcopter. It’s a very impressive module that outperforms any of the other GPS units I’ve tested. After successful testing we decided to order a couple units for use on our commercial inspection quad.

We placed our order and chose the expedited shipping option about 3 weeks ago now, and they still haven’t been shipped :tired_face:

We’ve emailed and called multiple times to get some sort of update on our order. The only response we received was on the 7th of Februrary saying our order would be shipped on Friday the 8th. We received a tracking number on the 8th. As of today (the 18th) the tracking states “label created” and nothing more.

Feeling quite frustrated I contacted Pavel, the CEO of Zubax. He responded right away saying that both Zubax and Titan are currently out of stock of the GNSS module. He said he’d contact Titan on our behalf.

What has your experience been ordering from Titan Elite? I find their customer service to be terrible, especially considering they have the GNSS module listed as in-stock, and didn’t bother to tell us in our many attempts to communicate that it is actually out of stock.

I JUST got my order (about 4 weeks after I placed it). I did get a call 1 week before it shipped with an explanation that Titan Elite was out of stock and only now shipping them after they were restocked. I ordered 3 Myxa ESC’s.

I think they do ship, it’s just very slow. VERY slow. I’m not impressed, but at least I got what I ordered.

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Apparently they can’t be bothered to update their site with out of stock warnings. They just shipped our order, and despite the fact that we paid more for expedited shipping, it looks like it was shipped fedex ground, so It’ll take 7 days to get here. This is crazy considering they could have put the 2 GPS in a small flat rate USPS priority box for $8 and we would have had them in 3 days. I hope @Pavel_Kirienko of Zubax finds a different distributor, or is able to whip Titan into shape somehow. Zubax products are excellent and deserve equally excellent customer service.

I also gave a strong word of recommendation to Titan Elite to update their stock status. Their performance has been unacceptable for both of us.

I’d use Spektreworks, IR-Lock, Craft and Theory, or Jesters Drones as reliable distributors. They have always provided my UAS components quickly and on-time. GetFPV probably has a larger footprint, but sales would also go up. I really like their fast shipping. That’s my $0.02

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I totally agree. I haven’t found anywhere else that stocks Zubax components unfortunately. Titan Elite seems to be their exclusive US distributor.