Tiny RTK integraton


Have anybody used the TINY RTK with RTK
have some issues and would be glad if it could be solved

For the standalone test, I believe you did the steps here: https://drotek.com/lessons/useer-module-rtk-drotek/

Some doubts, hope you could clarify them for me
For the standalone test, the following steps were followed: https://drotek.com/lessons/useer-module-rtk-drotek/

  1. Base setup, (as mentioned in https://drotek.com/en/documentation/tiny-rtk-documentation/ ), an additional RTCM 1127 is activated and its necessary to activate bothe the uart and usb. Is it differentate between standalone and flight controller integration?

  2. Rover, In the standalone test, what all params need to be activated. NMEA params are disabled and NAV params are enabled.

  3. Can we see the location and distance between the base and rover in a map form in the BASE?