Time has wrapped error

HI all,

When connect mavproxy to pixhawk (running px4 firmware), i keep getting error

‘Time has wrapped, xxxx, xxxx’

This is spamming the mavproxy commandline. Does anybody know what is the problem and how it can be solved?

That error refers to the “time since boot” timestamp being reset. Should only happen on reboot.

PX4 firmware isn’t 100% supported in MAVProxy, so it could be that PX4 is using a different method of this.

I am getting the same issue with AMP copter on a Pixhawk2. It does not go away after a reboot though.
It is flooding my mavproxy.

Any ideas?


What version of APM:Copter? Are you using the default params?

This is happening when I am connecting to 3DR-Solo too. Is this fixed?
How do I check what version of Copter is installed on it?

I have the similar issue, when i connect antenna tracker this error start to flood my console.

my config is not standard, i using raspberry pi as companion computer and connect the GSC with WIFI, the antenna tracker is connected to Plane via 3DR Radio and the plane relay mavlink massages to the WIFI.

antenna tracker and plane are with different mav-id-s

Output one of the sysids to a different port.


output sysid 3 udp:localhost:3456

Then connect another GCS to that port.