Tiltwing VTOL Trim parameter reset

This is my first post, so Hello!

I have tiltwing configuration with whole wing moving with motors, and back motor with yaw servo, as standard tiltrotor configuration. I have a first black CUBE edition, or maybe second, early one.

  1. I’ve tried to make ailerons work in vertical wing position with rudder, but they continue to work as ailerons, answering my roll input not rudder. I wanted to check if it’s plausible to control yaw axis only with ailerons, with back motor standing still.

  2. After soft update to ArduPlane V4.0.6 I can’t change trim on the yaw servo, function MOTOR7. It’s gone 1000 and when I change It goes back to 1000. I’ve had the same issue when tried to expand motor PWM over 1000-2000 to 950-2050. I had to reprogram ESC’s. How can I change this parameter? For now I’ll try to get back to V4.0.5

Tried updating bootloader, then get back to V4.0.5. Still same behavior with TRIM parameter

I’ve tried changing servo output to servo 12. As soon as I asigned function 39 (MOTOR7) to servo12 min goes 1000 max goes 2000 and trim goes 1000, and resets everytime when I make a change. I’m really out of ideas. Is there any parameter reset with motors, like with Q_ESC_CAL parameter? (this changes to 0 whenever I reboot for safety, I guess)

@Bart989 How is this build going?

It’s finished. Had some great flights. Here is some video

Later there were some crash, and it requires some work. It’s doable, but right now stays on the shelf.

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