Tiltrotor Y3 config question: permanent rear rotor forward tilt necessary or not?

so i read the tiltrotor and qplane doc a few times over and understand it is suggested to set two tiltable rotors’ ‘straight up’ position slightly tilted forward so that the fuselage and wing can assume a positive AOA at hover. this unloads the rotors in the presence of wind, and also eases the transition into fixed wing flight. However, my question is do you also permanently tilt the rear rotor forward by the same degree as well? Otherwise the rear rotor disk would face backward a bit and the forward tiltable rotors will have to fight this rearward component of thrust. Seems to be that you should match the tilt so that all three rotor disks are horizontal at hover.

I’ve only made it to 50% of Greg’s build log, not sure if anybody has taken this advice from the documentation. I paid attention because my previous build, a 4+1 qplane, had serious nose down tuck during transition probably because the rotors are all level and the AOA is not sufficient for fixed wing flight. I want the fuselage and wing to have a 3-5 deg positive incidence at hover so that i only need a little back pressure on the stick during acceleration and transition into fixed wing.

any ideas?

the tip i mentioned can be found below in the tiltrotor setup as well as conventional qplane section