TiltRotor VTOL Setting Up Questions

Hello. I am very new to Mission Planner so I have couple of questions to setup my VTOL aircraft.

Firstly, my project is a tilt rotor quadplane which two front motors are tilting. I use Pixhawk PX4 for this project and I have Turnigy 9x as my transmitter. Up until now I could run my motors and servos with throttle, aileron etc. setup at servo output page. But I couldn’t setup it as a VTOL and I couldn’t run my motors as drone mode.
This is the Pixhawk I am using:

These are the parameters that I changed:

Here are the questions:

  1. I couldn’t understand where to connect my motors at PixHawk or how I setup channels in servo output page (Shown in above). I tried couple of things but I couldn’t figure it out.
  2. How I setup my tilt rotors servos and what output should I connect at Pixhawk. I could manually control them from Auxillary channel but I couldn’t understand how it works in firmware.

These are the fundamental problems that I stucked and couldn’t move on. I hope I have explained myself clearly. If you help me out I would be very thankfull.

Addition to this I have changed channel 5,6,7,8 as motor 1,2,3,4. When I give throttle only motor 1 and 3 are energized. I couldn’t understand why. According to my logic when I give thrust all motor should be energized and when I give Roll, Yaw , Pitch from transmitter I should get response from these channels. But I can’t see anything.

This is the picture of servo output page.

What flight mode is active? In FBWA, only the front (tilting) motors should be running. Are you using the motor test function?

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You are right. Problem was my flight mode. I read about modes and now I can take nice response from motor outputs.
But I couldn’t understand something. When I activate QStabilize or QHOVER mode tilt rotors at 90 degree facing vertically and when I pass to the FBWA mode they go to zero degree and passing to the horizontal flight.
I want to know that for example is it possible for me drive it at 45 degree angle or could I assign the tilt motors to a channel and manually adjust the tilt angle.
Also I have assigned SERVO10 and 11 to tilt motor but I don’t know which output should I take them from. I tried Aux outs at Pixhawk but I didn’t get any response.

The firmware wants to automatically set the tilt angles of the motors as you described.
I haven’t tried it but I think you could use RCpassthru for manually setting the tilt instead: http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/channel-output-functions.html
The tilt motor outputs should always be active; not sure why you aren’t seeing them on channels 10,11

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Thank You for your I will try a couple of things too.