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Tiltrotor support for plane

(Wasim Akram) #567

We use Pixhawk 2.1 in all of our builds.

(Peter Hall) #568

I have done a build for cube black.

arduplane.apj (873.7 KB)

Note that this is built on top of master so there my be some other changes if you have been running stable.

Thanks for testing, I look forward to hearing how you get on

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(Wasim Akram) #569

Hi Peter,
I am running late on my plans due to a series of unexpected events/commitments. If someone else is happy to take over the task of testing it on a quad tilt rotor plane, please feel free. Otherwise, I will test it myself (and provide feedback here) once my existing commitments slackens.

(PG) #570

With a new design on a Theer Wing frame I was able to finally have somewhat of a successful maiden. Now I just need to play with the Vectored Yaw command volume to keep it from listing/spinning.

@tridge any update on getting the tilt motors to tilt to creep forward while in hover/stabilize modes?

(Alex ) #571

Hi, is there an ‘Emergency Motor Stop’ feature for tilt-rotors like there is with copter. This would be very helpful incase of a crash.

(Peter Hall) #572

its in the works, should be in master in a week or two

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(Alex ) #573

This is great, thank you Peter.

(Zone FPV) #574

Here’s a link to my latest tilt rotor build:

This build was larger than my previous builds and flies really well.

(Alex ) #575

Would it be possible to change the motor spin orientation for the hexacopter tiltrotor?

Rational: I plan to have a winged surface that connects the two middle/outermost tilting props ( motors 1 & 2 ) and noticed that during forward flight the motor spin direction for these motors, in the supported hexacopter configuration, would have the propellers spinning down on top of the wings making the wingtip vortices worse. By having the propellers spinning in the opposite direction, the prop slipstream from motors 1 and 2 would be spinning in the opposite direction of the wingtip vertices ( like in the V-22 osprey ) increasing efficiency, stability and reducing stall speed.

Here is the motor direction diagram of the currently supported hexacopter code: