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Tiltrotor support for plane #2

(jjjvr) #21

I also seem to remember reading about the airspeed sensor somewhere, so perhaps a next step. I also agree that with a wing config (little vertical stabs) and with my motor spacing being very wide the air frame config is challenging for this setup. By the way my motors are on 6 and 7.
I included a picture here:
Perhaps I should just get a nimbus or equivalent. I like the tri setup with only having to haul one additional motor as parasitic drag during the fixed wing flight profile (which is 99% of flying time) as opposed to the quad setups with a 5th motor for forward flight. Thanks again

(Jose Ortiz) #22

If you look at the tailsitter development page a guy named lorbass had a similar issue I believe. I think what fixed his was that he hadn’t added the wing end tips. his post is close to the end of that blog.

(PG) #23

@tridge @Rolf
Hey guys I am back and at it again. 2 issues now…
I gather the forward movement in hover using tilt has been implemented in Q_Vfwd in Loiter only? or maybe not…
Cant seem to get this to work… the tilt servos refuse to tilt forward when i pitch forward or throttle up… so i guess this was never implemented or I’m doing something wrong…?
When i move the roll/pitch stick around alot while in vtol modes it seems to make the yaw til servos jitter a lot… what gives? these should be solid as a rock unless i give yaw input? is this just noise on the servo rail?

the vectored yaw control servo’s still control yaw in FBWA/forward flight which is problem because they are facing 90 degrees forward and now are acting as roll control… how do i turn that off???2018-09-02 15-34-37.param (16.5 KB)

(Greg Covey) #24


I have a tricopter VTOL set up as below except there is no rear tilt servo to control yaw. Yaw is controlled by motor speed differential. The frame is a FireFLY6 set up as a FireFLY3 with only 3 motors. The plane can hover but continues to yaw in a circle. What would be the parameter to help correct this issue?

The graphs below are from two short hovers in QSTABILIZE mode. Log is here.



Motor 4 = 36 on Servo 3 = MainOutput3
Motor 1 = 33 on Servo 4 = MainOutput4
Motor 2 = 34 on Servo 5 = MainOutput5


(Graham D) #25

Greg, as far as I know tricopters cannot control yaw without a tail servo or tilting front motors. The Y6 is like that specifically to control yaw with torque, with a tri if any motor slows down it tilts in that direction = no yaw control.

I have an old tricopter based on the RCExplorer tricopter and it has to have a tail servo. (

(Greg Covey) #26

Hi Graham,

Thanks, that is what I was missing. My only previous tricopters either were a Y6 or had a rear tilt servo.

I’ll probably re-mount the other 3 motors for a Y6 and try it again.


(Greg Covey) #27

It looks like Hobby King still sells the old Turnigy Talon Tail Servo Mount Set for $10 US so I may have some DIY fun converting the rear motor on the FireFLY6 to swivel. It uses a 10mm carbon bar that I can adapt to the Turnigy 14mm outer tube diameter. The lighter FireFLY3 hovered at only 245 watts so it might be worth continuing my project a bit further. The two short (spinning) hovers below show that my power level was around 1600 pwm or just above half using 10" props. I can always go to 11" props as well.


Differential Thrust in Plane Mode for til-rotor vtol
(Greg Covey) #28

I had my first successful FireFLY3 hover with yaw control today. I installed the Talon Tail Servo Mount Set and added the Boca Bearing Thrust Bearings upgrade. It seems to work pretty sweet even though it was quite cold and windy in my backyard. I never had a tricopter so it was a fun learning experience for me.

My poor FireFLY6 DIY25 was lost in the woods for weeks last Fall and took quite a beating and soaking. I decided to resurrect it as a VTOL tricopter and it has been great fun so far! The wing ends are grafted RMRC Recruit wing ends and tips. Now I can spend some winter time on the appearance. My other FireFLY6 DIY15 was already converted to APM and still works great. So one is still a Y6 and now I have a Y3…both on APM.

(Lorenzo Stigliano) #29

Hello everybody,
is it possible to configure the autopilot for a tilt-wing VTOL?
Just like the one from DHL in the picture.
If so can you tell me the param to change?
Thanks, Lorenzo