Tiltrotor "Skid Steering"

Quadplane in H Configuration with four tiltable motors. No push or pull motor.
Firmware: 3.8, Q_ENABLE = 1, Q_TILT_MASK = 15

Problem 1, yaw authority:
In windy conditions, side wise hover and unclean flown turns the authority of the motors isn’t enough to compensate the momentum of the vertical stabilizer.

Problem 2, negativ AoA in windy conditions:
While hovering with the nose in the wind or fast forward flight the plane pitches massiv negativ. This lead to an unwanted downforce wich unnassasary have to be compensated by the quad motors.

Idea to 1:

  1. The yaw controller shouldn’t try to hard to bring the plane to a desired direction. Maybe it’s not possible for the controller to know where the influence on yaw comes from. There is already the windvane code, but if I understand it correctly it detects a negativ pitch angle and not a uneven motor output.
  2. Tilting the motors on one side just slightly will lead to a massiv force for yaw control Just like a tricopter.

Idea to 2:
Why not just tilt all tiltable motors slightly instead of tilting the whole frame? The controller will hold the frame in level but will tilt the motors to gain speed or hold position in windy conditions with the nose in the wind.

What I need
I would like to modify the code so the tilt servos will move according to yaw and pitch commands instead of motor RPM and pitch angle of the frame.
I have some experience in programming and can compile already the existing code.
I tried to understand the tricopter code as a starting point. Maybe one of the devs can give me a hint I suppose It’s rally easy task to implement this logic.
I will test the code on my airframe and will provide logs.

Best regards

This is great feedback for tiltrotor development. I am following with interest.

I like the idea of tiltrotor since it seems to offer the best compromise to minimise loss in performance in forward flight



I would now love to try to convert this model to a tiltrotor, when I get time!


This seems to be also a good example. Found by @Graham_Dyer