Tilt-wing Tricopter

I’m working on a tilt wing tricopter with non-vectored yaw, tilting the rear motor. I have set the q_frame_class to 7 for tricopter and servo9 = 39. I assume that in Q_stabilize I would have yaw servo movement on the rudder stick. Is this correct? Also I notice that Q_M_YAW_SV_ANGLE isn’t even listed.

Q_M_YAW_SV_ANGLE still exists: Complete Parameter List — Plane documentation

I see it in the documentation however I wasn’t able to find it in the firmware. After a couple of reboots I now see it. Thank you.

hi shawn,

i am having a issue as my Yaw Servo with function 39 does not seem to respond.

although it centers the moment i press the Safety switch but that’s it… no further inputs are visible form the Rudder stick on that servo.

As I recall the FC needs to be armed and you need to apply throttle before it will move. I would check but my build is in pieces all around my shop right now.

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thank you for the reply Shawn,

will try that as suggested! but this is really taking me to a mentally breaking point as the Yaw servo of the rear motor just refuses to budge no matter what… :slight_smile: