Tilt wing, Tandem Wing, octacopter configuration

I’m designing a VTOL tandem wing UAV with both front and rear wing as tilt wing (fixed motors).
The configuration will be octacoper, with two motors on the left and 2 on the right on each wing (8 motors).
I’m trying to find the configuration for this 90° H configuration frame, but can’t find one.
For now, I pretend to use the octarotor X configuration to see if it works.
I’m ooking for a tutorial to configure the tilt wing. Some people on the forum suggest using the tilt rotor with motors front, and motors rear configuration as tilt.
Can anybody help with this issue?

On the vertical flight I could change the orientatino on the parameter list (ROTATION_YAW_90) with a H configuration… but the problem is: this orientation will be used for fixed wing mode too?