Tilt when getting up

I am using a 30 inch propeller

I will definitely take what you said into consideration.

Did you decide on these after seeing my battery?

And did you enter these values in the notch filter because of my vibration values?

I want to be good at this job. Are there any resources you can share about the details or is just the ardupilot site enough?

Yes for the voltages, and for the MOT values I believe you are using T-Motor Alpha ESCs since you didnt mention otherwise.

No not vibrations, but FFT graphs since you already had some INS_LOG settings in place.
There may be some adjustment after more test flights, but those values will do for now

Mostly everything you need is here in the forum and in the docs. A lot of Youtube stuff is outdated.
The general idea is to get everything working quite well, including the filtering and move on to Autotune.
Component selection is very important - some builds are never going to work because of mismatched components and mismatched expectations.
There are often quite a few test flights, particularly with the bigger props.
And the flip-side is : a good build with plenty of time on the bench going over parameters before fight might only need 1 or 2 test flights before being fully tuned and ready for work or play.

The tuning guide, along with the Initial Parameters section in MissionPlanner
Harmonic Notch Filter
Some wiring info

yes esc is inside the engine so i know that way too

thanks, i will apply these and go on my test flight

Is there a possibility that the compass calibration may be corrupted after the first installation and can I see from the logs that it is not corrupted?

Unlikely, there would be compass errors and warnings in the log.

See if you can make all the changes and do a test flight with plenty of yaw, circles, figure 8 patterns…
Then we can check and adjust the compass settings with Magfit from the .bin log.

I always get this warning in automatic analysis, doesn’t it indicate a problem?

The automatic analysis is outdated, dont rely on it.
Stick to the plan then do a test flight with lots of yaw.

Although the motors are turned off, when I enter these parameters, the motors started to move.

Do you think I should enter these parameters despite this result?

You should use all the params I specified, they specifically suit your ESCs and battery.
Do not have the battery connected when you are doing any of this.

After a reboot, you would need to use MissionPlanner motor test to check MOT_SPIN_ARM to ensure motors all start up reliably and smoothly with the battery connected.
Props off are always recommended!
You need to assess the safety and risk if you do that with the props on, or take the props off and provide some light load on the motor for ti to be a valid test.

ok i am doing that.
should the value of this parameter (INS_HNTCH_OPTS) remain as 17 by default?
also I don’t know if this makes a difference but my boarding pass is navio 2

INS_HNTCH_OPTS should be 0
Its default is 0 and it should remain that way unless you’ve got a specific reason to change it.

With the corrections you mentioned, I flew in altitude hold mode yesterday, it made a little slope when taking off, but this was an inclination that could be corrected.

It’s hard to tell in the video, but did all motors start when you armed the copter? It looked like one or two where hesitating.

It seems like MOT_SPIN_ARM is too low and you didnt use the value I suggested, or your tests didnt find this problem.
Set these:
Getting these correct is critical with these big motors and props, or they wont respond correctly to the rest of the tuning process.

Also you didnt update to latest firmware - this is quite important.

Alter these too:
INS_HNTCH_OPTS,0 ← this is not doing what you think it is, leave it at 0

After those changes you will have to let it relearn hover again, but hopefully that’s it for hover.
Make sure there is nothing in that tank, or whatever the payload is, during all this testing.

If everything is going OK and it seems stable for pitch and roll, I would consider trying these PIDs, but do be cautious and land immediately if there is more instability.


When I write this value, the engine is running even though it is not in the arm state and the engines are off. When it is 1050, the engines do not have this problem.

I tried to fly again in altitude mode and loiter mode, I made this flight before seeing your last warnings. It was better to take off in .loiter, but it was also difficult in altitude hold. I’ve tested my engines and haven’t seen any visible problems. I’ll take what you said into consideration and go on my next flight like this.
(ignore the crashes at the end, it was because of the platform)