Tilt-motors tilting forward when switching to QLOITER


we just flashed a Nimbus VTOL (tri-motor vtol plane). QSTABILIZE works fine, but in QLOITER, the motors point about 20 degrees to the front (on ground and in flight) causing the aircraft to move forward.

Any idea what could cause this?

Plane 4.1 dev

Edit: Also happens in 4.04 release.



This behavior is linked to THR_MIN and THR_MAX for some reason.

Changing those parameters to the ones we’re using on a different brand Nimbus fixes the issue.

do you have a log of this? I cant think of anything that should cause this off the top of my head.

No log, happens on the ground.

If THR_MIN is set to 0, the motors don’t tilt. If THR_MIN is set to 15, they tilt - could be 15 degrees?