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Tilt Angle Limits: When using continuous-rotation Servos

ArduTracker using APM

Within Missin Planner (to configure antenna tracker APM);
My problem is that I cannot supply boundary limits (in degrees or rads) for my tilt access - when using continuous rotations servos MIN/MAX PWM values regulate max allowed speed in either direction…

My tilt access must be >=0* and <90* … But when using CR servos, this is not a configuration option in mission planner and PWM limiting doesn’t help.

Would this be an easy software fix?
Am I missing something here?

The option for CR servos is there in Mission Planner, but the limits stay as PWM limits.
Should they change to angular limits (measured my APM) when in CR mode?
Maybe this could be an option. Limit w/ angle vs PWM.

If it’s not an easy fix, i’ll switch to a multi-turn servo. (Where PWM=servo location NOT speed)

Hope this makes sense. Wish I knew how to program… Maybe here is where i’ll inspect :wink:

Gotta run to work,
Thanks for your help.

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Hi I also have the same problem, did you found a answer?

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