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Thruster opinion

Hi! Did anyone have experience with these thrusters? It can be found under different names on Amazon etc and I was wondering if it is suitable for an autonomous boat project and how it compares with the BlueRobotics ones?



I know nothing about them but did notice this once on banggood

Yes, it all looks the same just with different brand. Very affordable just worried about quality / continuity.

Hi @maximosipov,
I have purchased two of these to try out for my autonomous sea going rover boat.
I agree they are cheap and hence quality is in question. So far in the few basic tests I have done in the water they are going ok. I’m not sure how you specify thrust, but they push my 1.5m 10kg boat along at a couple of knots easily (just one motor).
I have probably only used them for a total of a few hours so far. Actually one is on the bench, one is on the boat.
IMG_1139 IMG_1140

Thank you Paul! It is a great project you have!

Hi Paul - are those thrusters performing ? are you operating in sea water ?

Hi Andrew,

They are going well but I am still building the auto pilot electronics and code for my boat before I send it out to sea for long missions. That said, it’s been in the water (sea water) a couple of times for prob less than an hour each time just for some basic testing. So no real heavy testing. They certainly push out some water, my 1500mm yacht style hull gets along easily at a couple of knots with just the one thruster that’s on it.

I do try and get some fresh water over them when I get home I get home.

What are you thinking of doing with them?



Hi Paul - our application is self positioning buoy for RC yacht racing, then possibly scaling up to off the beach sizes sailing/ racing boats … i see there are a couple of manufacturers out there (marksetbot for example), but price is out of range for most clubs …

May i ask how/where you purchased these from ? - direct from the manufacturer ? by any chance ?

Ah cool that’s a great project.
I bought them on eBay I think, they show up from all sorts of vendors.
A search for “small rov thruster” turns up lots of sellers plus a few different types.

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