Thruster choice for Arduboat


I am planning to make an autonomous boat. Here is what I have chosen till now:

  1. Boat will be made of aluminum and a mono-hull format (attached image)
  2. The size will approximately 4 feet and should be able to pull a weight of 80-100kgs in water
  3. The thruster should be a jet pump as per the attached image (RC Jet pump)

Now for the questions,

  1. The jet pump attached in the image is designed for small RC boats. I need anything which is little more powerful, but not expensive. Anyone has an idea of that kind of pump? If yes, please share your ideas.
  2. Am very new to boat building and have no idea on a boat. However, I have built robots in aluminum and will manage it. Would request any links with complete builds and your help as I will be posting the updates here. Also, please confirm if it is good to build a mono-hull or a multi-hull setup for the rough seas.


This has towed 100kgs, me in a kayak, before. its four feet long and very stable. Its very stable and adaptable for a variety of payloads. Not really made for rough seas though.

This is nice. What is the thruster or propeller you have used?

I’m using Blue Robotics T100 Thrusters. The T 200’s would probably be a bit better. However, this hull design is only going to move properly at a certain speed based on it design. It would tow stuff better with the 200’s I think. But its proven very useful for a variety of jobs

Thanks for the response. Will check it.

By the way, I’ve recently added a thrusters page here on the rover wiki. If anyone finds other thrusters that work please ping me here (or somewhere) and we can add them to the page.

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