Throw Mode Throttle

Does the throttle position have to be off of zero before tossing the craft in Throw Mode? I suppose you will want it at mid throttle before switching modes after it’s flying anyway but is throttle required initially? I ask because with my 1st attempt the motors didn’t start (had the ready tune going).

I don’t think it’s necessary to raise the throttle. If you have a dataflash log I’d be happy to have a look to see why the motors didn’t start.

Thanks Randy! Log attached. I’m guessing I didn’t reach the threshold.

18 5-28-2016 9-28-38 AM.bin.log (884.5 KB)

I have a related Throw Mode throttle question. I’m using an Arduino Nano to generate PPM commands, so I don’t use R/C to regularly command the quad. The Nano gets external digital inputs, and modifies the PPM signal based on those inputs. The Nano currently sends an arm signal for 7 seconds with Stabilize Mode, then neutralizes the rudder to wait for the input that would signal to get ready to be thrown (dropped in this case) ; which could be minutes from happening.


Trying to be “safe”, I set the throttle to ~70% at the same time the Throw Mode was commanded. During a test, the quad worked perfectly at first, but then it kept climbing well past the first waypoint height that was in the mission plan.

My question- can putting the throttle at at higher power than needed for hover or even zero cause the Throw Mode to act like that? Since I had NEXTMODE set to “3”- does that mess up AUTO somehow by having the throttle non-zero?

While I’m thinking of it- I could set the Nano to send a PPM signal to go to AUTO mode after 4 or 5 seconds from the THROW command; if I did so, what would be the correct throttle setting?