Throw mode goes way too high


I have a 200mm frame with 4" props. Throw mode goes up about 20M before switching to brake mode. It would be desired to stop raising once attitude is flat. I’m thinking the mode coding could be improved and want to submit an issue if this is the case.

It feels like it could be a PID issue as well as it may be way overshooting it’s goal altitude then switching to brake mode. I tried changing the parameter to switch to loiter mode instead of brake mode and it slammed into the ground and flew high about 3 times before finding the correct altitude…this screams PID. My kids were there and loved the show though, haha.

I noticed after falling past the desired altitude the controller ramped up the motors, but considering how fast it was falling, they should have went to 100% throttle quickly. It was more like a slow ramp-up and didn’t sound like 100% before hitting the ground.

Just to note, it’s an omnibusf4 and I’ve followed the tuning guide and performed an autotune. Everything else works great.

I suspect the response is limited by the various input shaping parameters since you are using an EKF controlled mode - you probably need to raise a few of these to get the performance you want