Throw mode : crash, motors spin too late

Hi all,

i have tried throw mode with my pixhawk 1 on a quad f450 frame with dji 2212/920KV motors and esc, 4S battery, total payload 1.2kg but they spin too late about 50 cm to the ground and not fast enough so it crashed.

i will appreciate any help,

here is the log file:
2017-10-21 17-54-27.bin (984 KB)

The same thing happened to me when Throw mode was 1st presented (450 also). The problem was my throw was not nearly aggressive enough because it was a new feature and I was afraid of damage. Well, no damage but the timidity doomed the attempt. I would suggest that throw mode is best suited for a craft that will not be damaged by hitting the ground if it doesn’t go right. I don’t bother with throw mode on anything larger than my 210 mini quad and maybe I’ll try it with the SkyViper. They hit the ground and nothing is damaged.

Hi Dave,

you are right the SkyViper is not yet available in France. I’m just curious and have just damaged the gps mast. I have tested on the grass.