ThrottleOut is zero for a moment when switched from RTL to Loiter

One of my recent flight, I engaged RTL, copter returned and started descending.
Then I decided to take control and switched to Loiter. Right after that I heard that motors were turned off for about a half of second or so. Copter lost about 3-4 meters of altitude. Then it stabilized. That was scary a little bit.

Here is that moment on the 70500 mark

I hate to blame FW but I have no idea what could be wrong with my config.

where’s your log? what’s your MOT_THST_HOVER value?

My MOT_THST_HOVER is 2 (learn and save). Looking at the logged values I don’t see anomalies with it.
Here is my log


@Iketh yes, I’ve mixed up them.
My hover throttle was 0.24.

Here is Alt vs DesAlt comparison. Obiviously the alt-hold rates are different in RTL and Loiter:

At the switching to Loiter moment the DesAlt was far away of the Alt. Loiter controller decreased throttle to minimum to reach DesAlt ASAP. Need to say it did the altitude correction perfectly, but very quickly. It was unnecessary and dangerous to rapidly decrease ThO to zero and very next moment increase up to 40% to stabilize.

So the quiestions are

  • why Alt follows DesAlt so sluggishly in RTL?
  • is it possible for transitions between modes to be more smooth?

Same issue today