Throttle went to 100% and caused crash - Logs attached

Was flying a simple flight today in Loiter mode and all of a sudden the hexacopter went into full throttle while I was descending. It completely ignored the transmitter which was lowering the throttle. The full throttle condition caused the battery voltage to drop below the battery failsafe and go into Land mode. I still couldn’t control the throttle even after switching modes. The copter descended extremely fast and came down very hard (managed to get the landing gear to take most of the impact). The logs show the throttle change and the inputs I was giving it. The altitude readings look ok so I have no idea what caused this crazy behavior. Any ideas? Have attached the log


bad vibrations, a switch to stabilize mode and you would have gained control on the throttle. Alt Hold/ Loiter/Land/RTL are all effected by bad vibrations.


Thanks Bill. I didn’t think to switch to stabilize. During the rapid decline the vibrations look acceptable in the data yet I still couldn’t control it.

When descending the z axis vibrations will read less. But there is still an issue as the rate of descent was higher than what the autopilot was calculating.

What is the program you use in analysis? (seems linux right?)

It was APM Planner 2.0 on Linux