Throttle too aggressive

Hello, all

I’m having issues with my quadcopter wanting to jump into the sky with very little throttle input. Just to test, I flattened the throttle curve out and it still rapidly ascended but not as quickly as before. I cannot control the ascent or descent so have broken a few arms.

If I give even 10 percent throttle, it goes to max.

My radio calibration worked fine and I use this radio with other models no problem.

The closest thing I’ve seen to the same issue I experience is this video, but Mission Planner has significant changes made so most of the suggestions and even the area to view my controller input is somewhere else.

I honestly just want to have it hovering a couple feet off the ground at this point to move forward but even minimal throttle input sends it soaring towards the sky.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My radio endpoints

Are you taking off in stabilize or loiter? If loiter, you might reduce mot_thst_hover or turn on hover throttle learning.

Have you calibrated your ESCs?

The rc ranges look odd to me. For me, they are usually between 1100 and 1900.


I’m taking off in stabilize.

I’ve calibrated my ESC’s following a number of different guidelines because I was worried this was the issue. I am now going to try and manually calibrate them. I’m going to look into adjusting those endpoints as well.

Which Radio and ESCs are you using?

Can you post a log?

It’s likely the MOT THST HOVER is too high for this vehicle. It does affect stabilize as it tries to normalize ‘hover’ power to the center of the stick throw. turning on the learn function is great, but only works once you have the alt controller working, and do some level flying.