Throttle servo not moving

Good morning folks.

Let me start with my hardware configuration.

FC= Durandal
Radio = FrSky ethos using the internal TX
RX = FrKSy Sr8 PRO using SBUS
Servos = Spektrum DS821
Firmware = Plane 4.5
Flight mode = Manual

Everything is setup and radio, compass has been calibrated. Servos are plugged in to I/O servo rail from 1 to 4. Servo rail is powered with 5 volts from bec.

When moving the sticks all servos move except the throttle.

Throttle can be seen moving in the radio outputs screen as well as in Mission Planner calibration page but there is no “output” movement under the servo output section of Mission Planner.

Arm your plane and try again.

This is a safety feature so noone cuts off their finger(s) with a suddenly spinning prop on the workbench.

Of course be careful with spinning motors! Always take off propellers before bench testing!
(you may know this, but someone might stumble here who doesn’t, so here’s the warning)