Throttle restriction only in auto mode

I can limit throttle using the max parameter, this limits throttle in both manual and auto mode, how do I make sure that the limit is only in auto mode?

dont know of any way…why do you need this?

THR_MAX is effective in all modes except manual.

We used to have a tkoff_thr_max, but changed that to a time to apply thr_max before changing to TECs

I need this so that the aircraft does not consume too much energy in auto mode

I’m sorry, I meant FBWA

actually, you were almost correct, and my memory was a bit faulty…

  1. THR_MAX is Maximum throttle percentage used in all modes except manual, provided THR_PASS_STAB is not set.
  2. TKOFF_THR_MAX limits The maximum throttle setting during automatic takeoff. If this is zero then THR_MAX is used for takeoff as well.
    3.if THR_PASS_STAB is set then then when in STABILIZE, FBWA or ACRO modes the throttle is a direct passthru from the transmitter. This means the THR_MIN and THR_MAX settings are not used in these modes.

as to limiting power consumption in AUTO modes:

  1. set the cruise speed using AIRSPEED_CRUISE(if you have an airspeed sensor) or TRIM_THROTTLE if you dont (be sure you have trimmed the plane for this cruise throttle, read Tuning Cruise Configuration — Plane documentation) to the lowest safe point for flight while in cruise mode…
  2. Plan the mission in AUTO such that rapid climb demands between waypoints are minimized.
  3. Be sure you have the TEC tuned well see TECS (Total Energy Control System) for Speed and Height Tuning Guide — Plane documentation

Thank you very much)