Throttle pulsing in Auto modes and Cruise (4.0.5)

I have massive throttle pulsing in cruise mode near the start of the flight. Can anyone help determine the cause of that?

Also, the radio tx has some glitching (a few us) but even in manual mode the throttle out is glitching far worse than the Tx in. Is there something I can do to fix that?


Turn off THROTTLE_NUDGE. It’s known to cause that pulsing in Cruise mode.

Edit: Your log file is locked so can’t help there.

Thanks for the suggestion. What can I do to unlock the log file? You mean the download is locked or the log file itself won’t open in mission planer?

The google drive is locked. I can’t access the file.

But I"m not sure it will tell me much. If the RC in is moving like that it’s probably a physical issue, not a setup. If you’re using an OpenTX radio make sure your stick calibration is good. Verify your wiring is clean and there’s no distortion. Maybe you’ve got the dead-band on the throttle channel too small and it could be tweaked up a couple of points.

Opentx, x9D plus with Hall effect gimbals. Calibrated well. Flys manual planes very well.

This plane has very clean wiring that’s all twisted for each device.

The green is Rc in, the red is throttle out from the flight controller.

I’ve unlocked the log. If you have the time I’d really appreciate you having a quick look to make sure there’s nothing else obvious. New link: