Throttle problems APM 2.7

Hi guys.

My problem that I have is on the throttle and does not respond linear with the stick movement. The quad does arm and disarm but the throttle just stay at one speed and sometimes jumps up and down but does not react with the throttle movement on the stick. I’ve set the parameters on the throttle settings but still don’t make much of a difference. The calibration was done also and was in stabilize mode all the time for starters.

I’m using the HK blue series 30Amp ESC and the AX 2810 750kv motors with the HKmega pilot 2.7 and use MP 1.3.31

Any ideas what it could be.

If you’re flying AltHold or Loiter mode it could be because of high vibration in the frame. That’s a common cause of bad althold performance. It’s impossible to say without a dataflash log though.

I think this question was accidentally put into the Copter-3.3 category when it actually belongs in Copter-3.2.1 (Copter-3.3 won’t run on the lower-CPU speed boards) so I will move it.