Throttle on Joystick springloaded for center

I’m following and it’s simple enough, but my joystick (same as in documentation) springs the throttle to center when I leave it, which I’m assuming will cause my copter to rise.

Strange that this problem is not mentioned? How do I get MP to take “center” on the joystick as “low”?

use modes like guided/loiter and althold. they work using a center as center

Thanks Michael, so before arming I should change to alt hold? Also, in the case of a fixed wing, it’s probably better not to map throttle to the joystick, because a plane cruising at 40% throttle will not be able to maintain air speed since it’s continuously being overridden by 50% joystick input. I realise one should not think of the joystick in the same way as a RC controller.

for plane there is no really good answer, apart from something like fbw.

copter can deal with mid throttle no issues. ie look at the solo.

Plane will function correctly in Auto, FBWB, and CRUISE. It will fly at trim speed unless stick mixing is turned on, then you can boost the speed temporarily by pushing up the throttle. FBWA and STABILIZE will be a problem. If you rarely fly in those modes (which you shouldn’t without a proper RC controller) perhaps you can adjust the parameters by doing a careful Radio Calibration so that the plane flies safely at throttle mid.

Thanks Iskess, good advice. I’m also considering getting a joystick with a slider. It will simplify things a lot.

I couldn’t find any thing related to this (basically, arming is allowed with a transmitter with mid-throttle is default position) in the manual. Which part of the manual (or code) explains that arming in the middle throttle is allowed?

As far as I know, for safety sake, arming needs throttle low.
Then you can let it go back to centre.

I, for one, would not want a copter to arm if the throttle was NOT at zero.