Throttle off when switch to auto mode


I have pixhawk with arduplane firmware.
As before, when i switch to auto mode, the throttle will run fast…

Now i just receive a new pixhawk, and i test it by increasing the throttle and the motor start to rotate and then i switch to automode, but the throttle come to zero…
what did actually happen?
Should i try to fly first and then switch to auto in air?


There is a whole lot more you should be doing before just trying to fly in auto.

What version of ArduPlane are you using?
You should be posting this is the ArduPlane forum for that version.
Post a log file from your Pixhawk.
Describe your plane and how you have set the parameters for flight.
What flight modes are you trying?
Have you flown and trimmed it yet in manual?

The more information you give the better people can answer your questions.

thanks for your response…

i just solve my problem by upgrading the firmware to the beta firmware.