Throttle not working

Hi there

Im a newbie so forgive me if I miss something out. Basically I cant get my throttle to work on my arduplane
autopilot. The ESC is arming with appropriate beeps, I’ve configured the radio, but nothing happens when i throttle up. Oh - I have armed it too, and the Mission Planner shows that.
All that happens is that my elevator wobbles up and down a bit - which is strange because the elevator responds to input from my radio, they just seem to be intefering with each other somehow. I also notice that despite configuring my radio in the mission planner software, the throw of the control surface is much less through the ardupilot than when i connect radio and servos directly.

Setup as below:
Volantex Ranger 1.4m
Volantext Exmitter 6 radio
Ardupilot APM 2.8 FC Board
APM power module providing power to APM board then onto ESC and motor
3S LIPO 1800mah 11.1V

I see that you’re using an APM 2.8 board. I don’t believe this is supported with ArduPlane v3.7, so that may be your problem? Consider upgrading your hardware, or using an older ArduPlane version?

In case that’s NOT the problem, here’s some steps to try, if you haven’t already:

  1. Connect your ESC directly to your receiver (bypassing the APM) to verify this is an APM issue, not an ESC/RX issue. If your throttle spins your propeller normally, the APM must be the problem.
  2. Verify that you’re in Manual mode.
  3. Verify that the ARMING_CHECKS are all used, and that your plane still arms successfully.

If your throttle worked fine without the APM, you have passed all arming checks, successfully armed, are in manual mode, and STILL can’t spin the propeller, I suspect the APM 2.8 being incompatible with ArduPlane 3.7 is the problem.

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Thanks very much - as I only just bought I didn’t expect it to be out of date - the joys of being a newbie !!
Its definitely not ESC or motor - they work fine straight off the radio.
I will go through you suggestions and report back.
Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Because I was curious, I looked it up: ArduPlane 3.4 is the last version to support APM2 boards. If you try older an older software version, I would start there.


it was the arming checks - I hadn’t realised arming had failed. All working fine now, thanks very much

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That was also my problem. Now it is working. Thank you !!!