Throttle not working in manual but yes at test


I’m trying to configure a Traxxas car with VXL-3s ESC.

I’ve followed the tutorials and essentially connected steer to Main-Output 1 and throttle to Main-Output 3.

PIxhawk is powered by regulator (from pixhawk) whose between ESC and battery.

When I do the test, both motors works well. (Optional HW --> Motor Test)

With my controller (FS-T6) I can control the steering smoothly, and I see in Mandatory HW–> Servo Output the movement of the green bar as I move the joystick.

But in Throttle I do not see the bar moving, and also it is not working. It seems like some @param is not configured to recieve the signal, I searched many places but I didn’t see any info helpfull.

Do you know where can I find this info?

Thanks !

Problem solved. I upload the firmware from sratch and it worked.

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