Throttle not 100% when flying

I use the APM plane 2.76 in a FPV Raptor 160. The motor has a lot of power when I have the plane on the ground but after take off it looks like the power reduce and the last 1/4 of throttle does not react at all (in stab mode). I have changed the esc and the motor but no succes. Also callibrate the esc. I have looked into the parameters but I realy don’t know where to look for this problem. I hope somebody can help me fix this issue.

There is a parameter in APM Throttle passthru in stabilize(THR_PASS_STAB). if this is set then when in STABILIZE, FBWA or ACRO modes the throttle is a direct passthru from the transmitter. This means the THR_MIN and THR_MAX parameter setting are not used in these modes. if your THR_MAX parameter is not 100% setting the THR_PASS_STAB to enable may solve the problem.

Hi Voyager,
As Vincent says above, THR_MAX governs the maximum throttle that can be set.
You definitely ought to take a look at that parameter and check that it is in at least a reasonable range say 75(%) or higher.

Hi guys, thanks for responding. I have resolved the problem by setting the THR_Max from 75 to 100%.

Just one question:
I have to do some pid tuning because in Stab and RTL mode the plane reacts a bit aggressive, it seems it’s beying held by rubberbands to hold the plane stabilized. The most trouble is the Roll. If I decrease P of the Servo Roll Pid (APM:plane pids) does this effect also the other modes like RTL and Auto?

Hi Voyager,
Yes, tuning PID parameters will effect all control mode, except manual mode. you should follow as guided in Roll, Pitch and Yaw Controller Tuning wiki page.

Thanks, find the guide, hope I can tune it today.