Throttle mid


I have tried to setup my trottle-mid to avoid the jump when I switch to alt-hold, but it seem not operate ? (tryed 3.1 and 3.1rc2 with same results)
I measured my collective pitch at mid stick with mid-throttle set to 500 > 0 deg , then i set mid-throttle to 680 (corresponding to the hover value on my log) and measured again collective pitch at mid stick, and i have again 0 deg !
Did I do something wrong, or it’s not active on trad heli ?


Hmmm… I’ve never used this feature on Helis, but it does appear to be active. I can’t see any reason why it would not work.

i’m not sure to well understand how it should work ?
Should i see a collective pitch difference at mid stick with 500 and 680 for throttle-mid ?

Yes, I think you should see a difference.

humm!! :question:
more test to come

I also have not seen a collective change at mid stick when I adjust throttle mid.

I initially tried to use this to keep my 3D +12/-12 degree collective pitch range and just move the throttle mid number to where the heli was hovering on the data. It did not move my hover point down from 75% collective stick (3D hover point) down to half stick like a quad copter.

So I gave in and moved my hover collective pitch to the 50% PWM value. So, at PWM 1500 (collective/throttle stick centered) I have 4.5 degrees of pitch now unstead of 0.

After flying my IRIS quad, I now understand how it is suppost to work (I think). In the smart modes, (loiter, Alt_hold ect…) The collective stick sensitivity is reduced around the 30% to 70% collective range, just like my quad copter. This gives you nice precision around center for flying a camera. If I did susceed in my first attempt to move the hover point, it would have compressed the collective range on the negative side and made it non-linear.