Throttle is bleeding into Steering

I have a strange issue that I just noticed. Traxxas enabled with Pixhawk2 and Ardurover.

When I move the throttle back and forth, at first, I see no movement of the front wheels. After a few forward and backward throttle movements, I being seeing the front wheels start to steer. The more I do this, the more the steering angle becomes, like it is adding up… cumulative. If I let go of throttle, the front wheel will stay in the turned position. Moving the steering will reset it. Also letting it sit for a few seconds, it will straighten on its own.

Is this a known issue? I can give more setup info, but perhaps this is something I can tune out? That would be odd though.


Are you sure you are not bench testing in STEERING mode?

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Last I checked all was in Manual mode. But I will double check. I can even see the steering gauge move a bit with the throttle when in radio calibration. Odd.