Throttle for go back?

Help me find the right settings. I have a boat with two motors. The motors are tuned to Servo channel 1 (74) and 2 (73). The boat does not swim back. Forward to the right, to the left, the differential is OK. There is no back. :frowning: I’m using the rover firmware. I have control in mode 1. Right Joystick is only Throttle. Left Joystick differential. I would like to have the Left Joystick for to control forward/backward too. I changed the values PILOT_STEER_TYPE did not help.

Hi Karu,

Probably the best thing to do is to use the mission planner’s motor test page to make sure the two motors are spinning in the right direction. The “Test motor C” and “Test motor D” are the buttons you’ll want to push.

If you have a dataflash log of a situation where you’ve tried to make the vehicle go backwards that might help figure out what’s going wrong. One thing to check is that the ESCs can go backwards - there’s some advice here on the wiki.

motors rotate correctly. And now I have calibrated the RC and set the Throttle in the middle position. I can swim back. But, I wanted the Throttle to work from minimum to maximum, and the direction changed on the right joystick up / down.


Ah, I see. like a gear shift lever. We don’t support that at the moment so it’s an enhancement request that you could add to the issues list if you’d like. It’s not very hard to add actually, it would require adding a new value to the PILOT_STEER_TYPE parameter and then some extra code in the get_pilot_input() function.

Thank you. I probably do.

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