Throttle failsafe sets 0% throttle on RTL, Plane 4.5

Hi Guys,

Sorry for duplicating, i’ve since upgraded to 4.5 plane.

On throttle failsafe (which is actually SBUS failsafe flag in this case), throttle is set to 0%. This would obviously result in a crash during RTL. I’m testing this on the ground with 0 airspeed and a valid gps lock.

I’ve tried setting THR_MIN to 50% as well as turning off THROTTLE_NUDGE.

Strangely, changing FS_THR_VALUE to 1500 to allow for setting a throttle failsafe without TX shutdown, briefly fixed the issue, but after reset the issue is back.

Is throttle channel to 0% during CIRCLING and RTL mode the expected behaviour?

The only workaround i can find is to reassign the throttle SERVOX_FUNCTION to RCIN_X, which leaves the throttle at the value it was before failsafe, but this would obviously not be able to compensate for a drop in airspeed on return due to strong headwind for example.