Throttle cut to induced RTL on a separate switch

I would like to have a separate switch for RTL using a plane. This can be accomplished by using throttle cut to induced RTL. Could there be a potential problem with this setup?

I’ll put this a different way.
Is there a difference between RTL Mode vs RTL activated by Failsafe?

Yes. The usual way to set up throttle cut is on a failsafe on your radio, which cuts in when the radio is out of range for example. By default it isnt instant. First the Plane will circle for 30 secs or so, before going to RTL

The easiest way to set up to go to RTL when you wish, is to use a Transmitter channel fro selecting flight modes. You can set up arbitrary flight modes on a transmitter channel ( Ideally a 2 or 3 way switch, but you could use a trim pot)

This is an unexpected consequence and I do not want to change the default setting for Failsafe. Thank you for the information.

Many computer Tx’s have idle down or throttle cut function for fuel engines, I put that function on the spring-loaded trainer toggle switch. This way I can test failsafe at any time and even use that to set it all up correctly.

Is that what you mean?

Skyscraper answer my question. I wanted to use a separate switch for RTL. I thought Throttle Cut would work and it does but the Plane will circle first and that is unacceptable and I do not want to change the Throttle Cut default settings. I did finally figure out a way to initiate RTL Mode on a single switch.