Throttle 'bouncing' how do I fix this?

Pixhawk running copter FW 3.2-1 450mm quad 1000kv motors 10 x 4.5 props
My quad seems to fly okay but in forward flight, even at relatively slow speeds, [ 7 mps ] you can really hear the throttle going up and down a lot. Like it’s bouncing. Almost like it’s pids are too high for throttle or something. Much more noticeable when it’s a bit breezy. I tried turning down the pids for alt hold P and throttle P but put them back after it didn’t seem to make any difference. I have the pixhawk covered well and forward flight does not effect altitude. Any idea’s anyone? I could post a log if that would help. Thank you
Rick K

Here’s the log on droneshare. It was bigger than 2MB. That really should be bumped to max of 5MB or something 2MB is a bit small IMHO

your z accel looks very bad. is your flight controller vibration mounted? If it is, is it hitting something as it moves on its mounts?

The spikes look too big to be a result of the jumping, I think they are the cause of the jumping. Loocing at RCout 1, it can bee seen that the motor demand goes up after the accel z spike, which backs up my theory on the accel issue causing the problem


Well I’ll be darned maybe your right. I have a piece of clear plexi glass over the pixhawk. I just installed a new gps and the wire is fatter than the old one. Looks like it’s pinched a bit between the glass and the pixhawk so that could be negating the gel pad mounting. I’ll raise the glass and see if that helps. thx

@ Rabbit stu
Yup… that was it. Thanks :smiley:

brill…nice one fella