Throttle Behavior with Spring Centered Throttle stick VTOL

Im going to use Skydroid H16 with my custom made VTOL. Controller has a spring centered throttle, I am still now clear how this is going to work in quadplanes. there is no clear instructions I could find.
I saw people could set PILOT_THR_BHV parameter, But I couldnt find that in Quadplane Code.

Can anyone shred some light on this please?. how to setup the throttle channel with this kind of controller, I think Herelink controller is the same. How you guys work this out?

Thank you very much in advance. Im trying to do the maiden by next week, if anyone can give some ideas before that would be great… :slight_smile:

Your question is a little unclear. What are you worried about? In QPlane mode it will function just like a normal quadcopter. Then depending on what mode you pick for forward flight, when you transition, you will be at half throttle. You can definitely adjust this somewhere in the settings so middle is higher or lower than 50% output. (Just pointing this out in case you plane won’t fly at 50% throttle) Otherwise just use FBWB which has throttle control like a quadcopter.

Have you read through what each of the flight modes does? This is a very important step: Flight Modes — Plane documentation

Hey jeff
Thank you for the reply. I think I figured out the flight modes which i should use in quadplane. I was just worried about forward flight. Thank you for the insight…

No problem. =) Here is another good Read for you: FBWB Mode (FLY BY WIRE B) — Plane documentation

You’ll need to set your min/max before you fly.

Another thing, Actually I was worried is, if I take off in Qhover or Qloiter mode, will it take off as soon as I arm it ? because the throttle is already in mid position? ,

No I don’t think it will let you arm it in that position, you’ll have to pull it down, then arm it.

For your few flights it might be better to start in q-stabilize if you have decent throttle control. (Even with your center spring) If not- do qhover only. Qloiter will need to be tuned after you get qstabalize/qhover tuned. One good test for Qstabalize is checking to see how much throttle is required to keep the plane in hover. This can help you with your motor sizing/thrust. Really it should hover at around 50%. Anything over 75% is dangerous.

Good luck =)

Oh another thing, you are better off just going for it, vs slowly raising the throttle. If you have problems you’ll see it right away either way and the extra thrust will help it clear the ground quicker. (In QHOVER you will want near full thrust depending on your set climb rate)

For safety sake, personally, I would remove the spring and engage the friction or ratchet on the throttle. It’s what I did on my Skydroid. All it’ll take is one time you prematurely release the throttle stick when the motors are armed and you find yourself in an unsafe situation. I posted a similar question several years ago but no one really gave an acceptable response. Maybe @tridge might chime in.

Good luck.

I understand, I think with spring center throttle, we have to be extra careful if we take off in QStabilized mode. and to make sure we arm using rudder arming and not arming from the GCS. otherwise it will shoot up.

Thank you very much for your advices :slightly_smiling_face:

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See I actually disagree with this thought. I am using a throttle stick that doesn’t self center, and I often have problems in Qhover getting it to stay centered. I know I could make a chime or something in openTX when I hit my center point but I have accidentally hit the stick while centered…and almost caused a crash. I think either has its own pros/cons.